Monday, January 25, 2010

Stroll Kickoff Big Success

Two meetings were held in Dallas/Fort Worth last week to kickoff the Dallas Stroll. The first was at Dave and Busters for the Dallas area. Over 30 captains were in attendance! The focus was on how much fun the Stroll is.

We discussed how much support everyone feels the morning of the Stroll as so many people gather to support each other. Many recounted how they were overcome with emotion as we started down the path. Others enjoyed gathering on the green after the stroll, dancing and watching the kids play try the hula hoop!

The Stroll also offers a forum to discuss treatment, current research, and funding needs. During the months leading up to the Stroll many meetings allow people with Epilepsy to "Talk About It"!

I was very moved by a family that attended the meeting in support of their best friends. Jana's friend Chelsey, has a young daughter Kiersten that is struggling with Epilepsy. Jana wants to learn how to support her friend, and we are going to support Jana, Chelsey, and more importantly Kiersten. We formed a Stroll team Wednesday night!

In Fort Worth, Thursday evening the stories were also emotional. We listened to a Mom that traveled to Arizona with her child for a difficult surgery. We listened to a doctor talk about his "typical day" at Cooks Children hospital. We also heard the story of a best friend that died from seizures in 2004 and left a legacy of highly committed young businessmen! It is safe to say that very strong committed teams are already formed in Fort Worth and North Texas.

I am so excited about the 2010 Stroll at the Zoo. Form your team now.

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